Would You Like Us to Create
Your Personalized Roadmap To Double Production In Your Practice, For Free?

We Know That Every Practice Is Different and That a "Cookie-Cutter" Solution Will Never Work For You! 

That's why we’ve set aside some time to design a custom roadmap for you, personally. 

We will meet with you live, on the phone, and literally design a custom roadmap specifically for your practice.  Once it’s designed you will be able to deploy it.

Here Is How It Works

We will analyze where your current practice – we will start with where you want your practice to be (after all it’s your business and your goals) then we will look at where you currently are, your Hygiene numbers, clinical numbers, new patient numbers. Then we will show you where your numbers should be based on your goals and your lifestyle.

Every practice and every dentist is different and without taking some time to get to know you, where you want to go, and the support that you have – everything you receive is cookie cutter – trying to force you and your practice into what someone else thinks you can and should do.

We don’t want that for you … we want to truly create a customized roadmap that will work for you!

There Is No Charge For This
and There Is No Catch

…Which of course leads you to wonder, “Why would you do all of this for free”?

In the interest of full transparency, this is how coaching clients find us. A good percentage of doctors who go through this process with us end up asking us if we can come into their practice and train their teams on implementing this roadmap. Because while you, the doctor, can whole-heartedly agree that this is where you your practice to go, it’s another thing to be able to work with and train everyone in the office to support your vision.

So this is our “hidden motivation.”

However ….

There is No Pressure
It is Completely Up To You

There is no pressure,  you will receive your roadmap on our call, and then you can use your resources to start implementing and building your visions.

In fact, we are willing to guarantee that this one phone call will be worth your time that we are willing to build your personal roadmap for free.

I guarantee it.

Which is why I am willing to make you this promise

I’ll Give You $200 If You Don’t Like It

If you tell us that we have wasted your time during our call, we will immediately give you $200 to compensate you for the hour that we have spent together.

There is no fine print, no ‘catch.’

Bottom line is that we believe that your practice is different and unique and that the only way that we can help you reach your goals FAST is to customize a roadmap that is specific to you, your team and your practice so that you can skyrocket your practice and provide your patients with high-quality care and a world-class experience.

After our call, if you would like for us to come into your practice and help you – great! IF not, it’s not a problem and you will have the roadmap to get started. To reserve your Double Your Production Customization Call click the button below.

Dr. John Meis & Wendy Briggs, RDH
Author's of The Ultimate Guide To Doubling & Tripling Your Dental Practice Production