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“3 Steps to Becoming a Highly Productive & Profitable Dentists” Challenge in 2021 ...


Hello, I’m Dr. John Meis,

a 4th generation Dentist. 

You and I can agree: Dentistry has changed. Forever.

Even before COVID-19

It used to be that you could open up a practice and patients would come to you because you were a good dentist. We made a pretty good living. 

We could send our kids to good schools, drive a nice car, play golf on Wednesday afternoons, and even have a summer home to relax at on weekends.

But times have changed.

It’s no longer enough to just be a good dentist. 

It’s no longer feasible (for most) to be a fee-for-service practice. 

This means we have to play the insurance game ... we have to be open nights and weekends.

We’re working harder than ever ...

... yet success and financial security are more elusive than ever.

What Highly Productive & Profitable Dentists Do

If you addended the webinar, I showed you what impacts your profitability, and now you’re probably wondering where to get started. After all, there are dozens of different ways to affect visits, a number of ways to affect production per visit, and ways to affect collections. This creates a Rubix cube of options which usually just leads to frustration, confusion, and overwhelm. So let me help you narrow down where to start. 

With insight into over 313 practices, and what I am doing with each new practice I acquire is using the profitability formula as my navigation tool and then I am attacking this a lot like eating an elephant – we have to start with the first bite. In each of these practices, I know that there are 3 specific things that I start with each and every time. 

  • I increase my production-per-visit by asking 3 easy questions.  
  • I continue to increase my production-per-visit and start increasing our visits by committing to just 15 minutes a day.
  • And lastly, I as the owner doctor commit to completing one exercise that will have the biggest impact on our entire profitability formula.

Combined together, these 3 things can make a significant and instant impact on drilling down to find profitable productivity for each practice. 

So here is what I did… I have set aside time, the first 3 weeks of the new year to not only show you what these first 3 steps are but to hold your hand while you deploy these in your practice. So if you want to erase the nightmares of 2020, and you want to start 2021 off with a bang – I can’t think of a better way to start your new year than with a new goal of creating profitable production in your practice. If you will just give me an hour a week – I promise you I can make January your best January on record (even with COVID lurking over our shoulders.). 

If you will make that commitment to me, I will commit to you to show you the strategies that I have used, that our clients are using every day to have record months and years. The strategies that they have used to totally transform not only their practices but their lives, the lives of their team members, and most importantly the lives of their patients and their communities. It all starts with just 3 simple steps. 

Because I know that we, as dentists, will pay attention to what we pay for, I am asking that you each commit to a small $97 registration fee to join me for this 3-week challenge. I’m not asking you “buy” anything, instead I am asking you to make a commitment to yourself, your team, and your practice and put a little skin in the game. In fact, your registration fee is not even going into our business, we will be donating everyone’s registration fee to the COVID relief fund to support all of the small business who have been affected by the last year

Here’s what will happen when you join me …. 

  • Starting on Monday, January 4th and for the next 3 Mondays, you will join me at 8 pm Eastern for a very quick (usually 30 minutes or less) live training where I will walk you through 1 specific challenge for you to approach that week. In the first week, we will focus on uncovering the hidden production that already exists in your practice. Once uncovered, it becomes so much easier to increase your production per visit number. In the second week, I will show you how to instantly add $20,000 a month in production with just 15 minutes a day. And then in our third week, we will deploy the one thing that affects all 4 numbers in the profitability formula

And don’t worry, if you miss our live trainings, you will have access to the replays the following day. 

  • Once you say yes, we will be shipping you the 3-step challenge workbook which will accompany our 3 live calls. The workbook will walk you through the one thing you need to do each week and provide supplemental trainings and resources to make this as easy as possible
  • I will also be sending you a copy of my best-selling book “11 Habits of Highly Successful Dentists.” Which retails for $19.97 on Amazon.  I wrote this after studying what made certain dentists more successful than others. You see when I first started on my own journey, I thought that in order to be successful I needed to be a better dentist. But when I started studying what REALLY made dentists successful I was shocked to learn it had very little to do with actually practicing dentistry. In this quick read, I have condensed it down to 11 habits and made it easy for any dentist to apply these habits in their own lives.
  • And last but not least, we will conclude our 3-week challenge with our Double Your Production Workshop. During this 4-hour workshop, Wendy and I go into details about our full 5-step process for growing your practice. In our 3 weeks, we will have started you down the road, and we will conclude with building out the full road map for you. Registration for this event is $197, but for those who have joined us for the challenge, we are waiving your registration fee. 

That’s a total of $4,015.97 worth of training and resources
all yours for the small commitment of just $97. 


Let's Review what you'll get when you join the challenge.


A copy of my bestselling book "11 Habits of Highly Successful Dentist" & the "3 Steps to Becoming a Highly Productive & Profitable Dentist" workbook


Training Videos that will show you exactly how to implement these steps


3 Live Group Calls with me where we'll go over each week's challenge & help you get unstuck


Free Double Your Production Workshop ticket, where I'll show you my 5 step system practices are using to double their procduction


60 Day The Team Training Institute Membership with over 100 videos and resources for you and your team. Cancel anytime after

That's Over $$4,015.97 in Value

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